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Hop Dawgs Home Brewing Supplies

Hop Dawgs Home Brewing Supplies is Canada's brewing supply store for the beginners as well as the experts and all in between. We're located in Armstrong, BC (Half-way between Vancouver and Calgary)

Home made beer? Why not? Beer making is an art that has been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. With a handful of simple tools and basic ingredients, malts, hops and yeast you can be making beer as good, or even better than those you buy. Whether you are an expert brewer or NEW to beer making and looking for secrets to the craft brewing, it begins with practical brewing equipment with quality fresh ingredients.

Hop Dawgs Home Brewing Supplies in Armstrong, B.C. offers a large selection of home brewing ingredients such as fresh Hop pellets, fresh Whole Leaf Hops, base fresh Malts, specialty fresh Malts, dry yeasts and liquid yeasts from White Lab, Inc. For home brewing equipment we offer Blichmann Pots, Blichmann Beer Guns and many other Blichmann Supplies, Cornelius Kegs (Pepsi Kegs & Ball Lock Kegs), Draft Supplies, Stainless Steel Brew Pots, Gas Burners, Barley Crusher, Chugger Pumps, Pony Pumps, Mash Tuns, Refracto-meters, Stir Plates, Love Controllers, Thermometers, Cleaning Products and a host of other brewing gadgets to satisfy the Canadian Home Brewing enthusiast.

For those who prefer to brew Beer Kits we have both All Grain Beer Kits as well as Partial Mash Beer Kits. A brewing starter kit (Partial Mash Beer Kits)  is a great way to launch yourself into this exciting hobby at very little cost. We have a selection of kits that cover Light Lagers, traditional English Ales, American Ales, Wheat Beers, Amber Ales, Brown Ales, Stouts and of course the exciting IPA’s (India Pale Ale).






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